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FAQ about temporary work

Most frequently asked questions about temporary work:

1. Are temporary employees entitled vacation and other leaves?

Yes, our contracted temporary workers are entitled to annual leaves. You earn two leave days for each month of employment at a single user employer, a month being defined as 30 calendar days. The actual number of vacation days depends upon your seniority and if you have used up vacation days in the same calendar year while working at a previous employer.  


2. Can I terminate the temporary employment contract?

Yes, the temporary employment contract may be terminated by both parties, you, the employee and Work Service, the agency employing you. The period of notice is:

  • 3 days, when the contract was concluded for a period not exceeding two weeks,
  • 1 week, when the contract was concluded for a period longer than 2 weeks


3. When do I receive payment as a temporary employee?

You will be paid no later than the 10th day of the month following the month in which you executed the work.


4. I am under 18, can I still be hired as a temporary employee?

Yes, even if you haven’t reached the age of majority, you may be employed under a temporary employment contract. In this case the provisions of the Labor Code governing the employment of minors will be applied.


5. Will my time as a temporary worker count for retirement?

Yes, the period during which you were employed under a temporary employment contract will be included when calculating pensions. This period is also included in establishing seniority.


6. Do I, as a contracted temporary employee, have to accept any job submitted by Work Service?

No, You do not have to accept any job offers that we present. Where and when you wish to work is your own decision. 


7. How long will I have to wait for a job?

The time to secure a job varies. It depends on the current situation on the local labor market, the season, as well as your qualifications, experience and, importantly, your flexibility.


8. Am I entitle to social heath insurance as a temporary employee?

Yes, Work Service hires you under a temporary employment contract. Work Service, as the employer, submits the social security contributions and conducts all required legal formalities.


9. I am officially registered as unemployed. Do I have to report to the Labor Office that I am working as a temporary employee?

Yes, you are obligated to inform the Labor Office of your employment status. 




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