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Group Corporate Philosophy

Multiple Companies, shared vision

The Work Service Group’s corporate philosophy inspires each employee to live up to our mission statement of “linking the brightest with the best”. Our core values and shared vision provide the Work Service Group with a solid foundations built upon the following elements:


Openness to people, inspiring solutions.

We believe that everyone deserves a job that reflects their skills, experience and ambition. We treat candidates as individuals, each on different stages of their career path, from those taking their first steps on the labor market to well seasoned professionals seeking new challenges. We offer a personal service to each candidate, getting to know their abilities and career goals to link them with the best opportunity at our business partners. With the largest database of workers in Poland and well over 3000 clients, we can find the perfect fit every time for every business and every employee.


A partnership of equals.

Our professionals strive to create, support and strengthen a sustainable and profitable partnership between all parties, the employers, the employees and Work Service. Our perceptive consultants go well beyond the standard confirmation of the candidate’s knowledge, experience and professional competence by carefully evaluating their unique individual characteristics to determine how the position fits both with the employer’s needs and their own career plans. Our mission is to provide our clients with qualified employees that share their mission and will thrive in each unique company environment and structure. Our philosophy transform a routine third party relationship into a robust partnership that forges links between the best with the brightest.


Ensure Quality and Security in every activity.

Proactively eliminating potential mistakes rather than passively correcting costly errors after the fact is a priority Work Service shares with its business partners. We’ve fortified our extensive experience by undergoing strenuous ISO certification for Quality Management (ISO 9001:2008).


Sharing Knowledge, Shared Success.

Work Service has earned its enviable position of Poland’s top ranked HR company from our hard-won success gained from hands-on experience in providing our partners with innovative HR solutions since 1999. Our philosophy of open flow of information empowers Work Service’s experts to combine their encyclopedic and localized knowledge of HR issues effecting each industry with our client’s own experience. This builds trust and the ability to work in tandem to create a customized solution to optimize labor costs.


Contact Work Service to put our proven philosophy to work for your business.


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