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Profits from Temps not Temporary


The script is perfect for the archetypical American “rags to riches” film. A company launched by two students, without capital, takes long-established international giants head-on , becoming Poland’s leading HR company in less than a decade.

Tomasz Szpakowski as a third year student of Management and IT at Wroclaw’s Economic University, has a brain storm; how to connect the constant demand for students to mow lawns, wash windows and other menial tasks with students’ eagerness to pocket few extra zloty without interfering with their studies. Armed with a good idea and a grand total of 4000 zl in capital, some so it borrowed, the pair founded Work Service. In the first two months of operations the company won…..not a single job. The third month, a personal friend and fellow student who was financing studies working in retail, gave them their first chance to prove themselves with an order for 50 temps at 5 locations. Flash forward a scant few years and…..
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