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Reasons to invest in Work Service Shares

  • Work Service SA is Poland’s largest company in the personal services sector with a market share of 19,4% and a leader in the CEE region .
  • The market for personal services, in which Work Service operates, is a large and attractive sector. In 2012, the industry’s estimated  value was around 722 million Euros in Poland and about 1,67 billion Euros in the CEE-5 region.
  • Work Service has a highly recognizable brand and is growing substantially faster than the market. Annually, the value of this sector increased by an average of 10%. Work Service’s own growth is more than two times over the industry average.
  • Work Service is a key partner for over 3000 of the regions largest companies. Annually, we provide employment for nearly 300 000 workers in Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Ukranie, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Denmark, Island, the Netherlands, Austria, China.
  • Work Service is the first company from the personnel services market listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • Thanks to the resources raised as a result of the market debut and an investment agreement with the PineBridge fund, Work Service Group is pursuing consistently a development strategy based on consolidation of the HR market and assumption of the position of leader in the Berlin-Moscow-Istanbul triangle.
  • Thanks to the acquisitions of the specialist companies IT Kontrakt, Antal International Sp. z o.o. and Work Express on the local market and the Hungarian company Prohuman, Work Service Group has extended its product offer and geographical range.
  • 2014 was a record year for Work Service in terms of number of employees measured as an FTE rate, with this exceeding the historic value of 35,000 FTE.
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