Map out your future career goals today.

Work Service can guide you on your career path
from your entry on the job market to reaching
your professional goals. Along the way, you can
take on various career challenges to prove your
abilities and gain valuable experience.
You choose what is best.

Jobs for 150,000 people annually

Dozens of agencies operating in 6 countries. Hundreds of jobs with a wide range of professional qualifications. Flexibly guaranteed with temporary work to permanent placement.

Take off with Work Service – the sky’s the limit for your career.

12 years of linking the brightest with the best.

Join other recent labor market entrants
in exploring different professions and find
the job that fits.  Gain life long skills for
the fastest road to career success.

Work Service, we link the brightest with the best.

Cross Borders with Work Service

Work Service is your passport to explore career
opportunities in the European Union. Discover
your potential in meeting challenges while
working in multi-national teams. Leading
companies highly value international experience
and language skills. Partnering with Work
Service will translate into your future success.

Thanks to Work Service, I can earn while I learn.

I work when and where I want. I am able to work a
variable amount of hours on evenings, weekdays
or weekends. This flexibility and range of jobs gives
me a lot of possibilities. Work Service gives me
security, independence and the ability to take care
of myself, but not all by myself.

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