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More than just the ABCs, we wrote the book on quality childcare services.

People Solutions' brand, Baby&Care, partners with parents in providing a nurturing, safe and stimulating environment for their children. Our hands-on assistance keeps pace with the needs of your growing child in three steps. Step one – we match families with maternity nurses / midwives for prenatal and infant care. Step two – Baby&Care places nannies that keep up with active preschoolers. Step three – our professional recruiters engage governesses whose sole focus is on the intellectual and social refinement of school-aged children.


Maternity nurses, midwives and physiotherapists create our prenatal and infant care team. They all are top graduates of Poland’s best medical schools. They complement their professional accreditations with passion and a personal aptitude in getting their charges off to a great start on their lives.

Baby&Care’s nannies and governesses possess several years’ proven experience in providing quality childcare. In addition to their professional qualifications, they all share impeccable manners, language skills and the ability to play one or more musical instruments. Our governesses are university graduates, with degrees in a host of fields.

All of Baby&Care’s professional caregivers are highly experienced with excellent references. While we adhere to time honored methods of fostering child development, our childcare specialists keep abreast of new methods with additional training sessions conducted by experts in their fields.

BABY&CARE range of services

STEP 1 – Prenatal and infant care


Our prenatal and infant care team meets monthly for additional training sessions keeping them up-to-date in emerging trends in infant and prenatal care. We also believe that learning is by doing, and the team members eagerly exchange their experience with one other in successfully applying their skills in private homes and hospitals.

Baby&Care knows that each family is different and tailors its home care packages to fit your individual schedules.


Our prenatal and infant care services include:

  • Day care during your working hours,
  • Night care,
  • Around the clock, live-in care,
  • Visits to the pediatrician, either at the clinic or home,
  • Hourly babysitting,
  • Individual family training and advice for caring for infants,
  • Prenatal exercise and nutrition programs,
  • Immediate response to obstetric emergencies,
  • Maternity ward care, including support in the delivery room and during the entire hospital stay,
  • Purchasing advice from experts to equip nursery with safest and highest quality products at best value.



STEP 2 Nanny placement


As your baby turns into a toddler, their needs grow as well. Baby&Care’s nannies nurture the native curiosity of your preschooler while providing a safe, secure environment. Our nannies are flexible, and you can choose the best service package that suits your needs.


Our nanny care services include:

  • Standard nanny services,
  • VIP nanny care,
  • Bilingual nannies,
  • Vacation childcare,
  • After preschool pick up and organized activities.


STEP 3 Governesses recruitment & placement


Baby&Care’s governesses prepare your school-aged child to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world. Baby&Care has developed an educational program that the governess tailors to the age specific and individual needs of your child.


Our governess services include:

  • Part-time, fulltime or live in packages,
  • Personalized recruitment for a perfect match,
  • Selection of governesses based upon child’s interests and needs.

Main benefits of partnering with BABY&CARE

Baby&Care prenatal and infant care services give parents many benefits, including:


  • Exclusivity – your dedicated midwife/ maternity nurse is solely assigned to you.
  • Knowledge – your midwife gives you peace of mind by answering all your questions and expertly preparing you for childbirth. She can also solicit the advice of other experts;
  • Prenatal preparation – the midwife works with you in equipping the nursery, choosing a healthy diet and creating an exercise regime, including home exercises with a personal trainer, and helps you pack for your stay in the maternity ward;
  • Support – your midwife will assist during labor and will provide you and your newborn with care during the entire hospital stay;
  • Comfort – your midwife will support you during for the critical first days at home by helping you nurture and feed the baby, providing advice on all aspects of infant care and familiarizing you with all necessary equipment.
  • Security – you can resume your career and other activities without fear or feelings of unease as Baby&Care is a reliable partner for parents. While we provide exclusivity for each of our families, in the event of illness or other absence of your maternity nurse, we can provide a fully qualified and caring replacement.


Your family benefits from Baby&Care’s nannies paying particular attention to:


  • Actively organizing your child’s time during your absence.
  • Applying their training in nutrition and personal skills in winning over picky eaters to encourage children to eat healthy, a habit that will last their entire lifetimes.
  • Preventing accidents and using their certified training to perform first aid when required.
  • Guaranteeing flexibility for an optimum fit, so you care peruse your career and other hobbies and interests. Care ranges from full time, live in assignments to accompanying your child to and from preschool and engaging them until your return.
  • Communication skills, bilingual nannies help your child master foreign languages with total immersion, engaging the child in only the language you select.
  • Ensuring quality time on vacations and other travels, from the time you’re on board to the actual vacation itself, your nanny helps keeps your child happily engaged while you relax.


Your governess is both a tutor and a mentor who concentrates on their charges successful transition to young adulthood. Your child benefits from the governess undivided attention and focus on the following:


  • Developing a love of learning and success in academics by tailoring the governess’ educational profile to match the ambitions of your child. This includes mastery of foreign languages, music lessons and even sports. The governess will supervise and assist in completing daily homework assignments.
  • Organizing extracurricular activities that reflect your child’s interests and talents, ensuing that they actively and creatively spend time during your absence. This ranges from developing a love for the theater, music or sports such as swimming and tennis lessons.
  • Teaching good manners by example and gentle suggestions. 
  • Creating a safe environment and applying first aid if required.


Baby&Care, a trustworthy partner for parents


Baby&Care, as a member of the Work Service family, has all the professional tools required for the perfect placement of maternity nurses, nannies and governesses that not only provide quality services but become a part of your family. Comprehensive reference checks, individual interviews and psychological tests select the candidates that possess the required personality traits to work with your child and be a comfortable fit in your family.


In addition to recruitment and placement services, Baby&Care can handle all the employment and payroll requirements for our workers. This includes direct payment to the caregiver, submitting all mandatory medical, tax and other declarations, and transferring social insurance and payroll taxes to the appropriate authority. Personnel planning ensures that your family has qualified care during vacations and other absences of your dedicated caregiver.

365 days a year, 24 hours a day, Baby&Care fulfills its mission in bringing comfort and security for parents while providing a safe, caring environment for their children.

With Baby&Care, you can rest assured that your infant, toddler and school-aged children, are in expert and caring hands.


Contact us and learn how we can support you in your daily care of your child.



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